We envision a network of interconnected autonomous, sustainable communities.

We are a database and a community of "impact centers" and meaningful, transformational experiences facilitating personal transformation and accelerating the development of regenerative living centers.

Our Vision.

Through our own exploration of transformational travel and the decentralized lifestyle, we have found thousands of hubs across the globe that exemplify sustainable and holistic living, producing practical, low-cost solutions to the global climate crisis. These distributed hubs integrate ideals like community living, whole systems design, appropriate technology, seed banking, holistic health, and regenerative enterprise. We envision these impact centers becoming more accessible through the NuMundo platform, easily sharing crucial information and resources, both with the world and within the network.

We believe that a journey that takes us outside of our comfort zones is often the first step in expanding our worldview, finding a global community, and experiencing the simplicity and liberation of living simply. Transformational travel takes this concept a step further through exposure to projects that will replace one’s social conditioning with a whole new way of being. Through our platform and shared media, we are empowering individuals and communities to redefine human potential, ignite their purpose, and design their journey to a sustainable future.

We are enthusiastic about building a decentralized global movement of passionate people and land stewards to co-create a thriving planet for ourselves and future generations.

The revolution will not be centralized.

Ecological Culture

Nature balances with tribal technology in our singular vision for the future.

Transformational Experiences

Open your mind, shift your perspective. As within, so without.

Immersive Education

We’re developing the tools to build the Nu culture of tomorrow.

Community Currency

With value-sharing and co-benefits from network growth, our wealth is in your hands.

Integrated Platform

Our network’s interlinking nodes bring the regenerative economy into action.

Villages of the Future

Prototyping the decentralized, prosumer society from the ground up.

Our Team.

Our staff has experience living and working at impact centers across the globe. We share a love of permaculture, micro festivals, and cacao-fueled dance parties.

Sara Johnstone's Team Pic

Sara Johnstone


Strategic operator and executor who has over a decade of experience in tech startups. Sara’s background spans web 3, hospitality, sharing economy, and climate tech. She previously served as Chief Operating Officer of Regen Network. Sara is passionate about climate change, regenerative finance, permaculture, and organic farming. She is recently taking inspiration from her studies in regenerative business and the Solarpunk movement.

Norbu Snow-Shiva's Team Pic

Norbu Snow-Shiva


Norbu brings 20 years of cross-functional experience in software and application development. From startups (Gopago, Good Money) to some of the largest corporations (Amazon, Equinix) he has seen it all and learned from it. Norbu offers clear communication and empathy to the often dry and disconnected world of engineering. With experience as a designer, engineer, and product owner he removes communication gaps and can step into a variety of roles to get things done.

Erika Logie's Team Pic

Erika Logie


Erika has spent the last decade working in user experience and user interface design, and has worked with clients such Disney, Fox, ABC and NBC. She played a pivotal role in running a newly founded eco-village in Nicaragua through marketing, event organizing, administrative management and conflict mediation. She is also the co-founder of the Origin X Change marketplace, a conscious trade platform, and a member of the Enspiral collective.

Lukas Sommer's Team Pic

Lukas Sommer


Experienced team leader, development manager, and proficient full-stack developer. Passionate about software engineering, infrastructure & architecture with +10 years of professional experience. Currently based in Portugal he is passionate about community resilience and co-founded a project for collective land stewardship focussing on water retention techniques to regenerate the land.

Toby Israel's Team Pic

Toby Israel


Toby Israel is a vagabondess and storyteller with a metaphorical closet full of hats. She is a creative facilitator, editor, and writer, as well as a trained Empowerment Self-Defense Instructor and Yoga Instructor. She regularly facilitates workshops and retreats to empower, inspire, and transform. She is a full-time lover of movement, food, and words, expressing light and dark through dance, poetry, songwriting, and edible alchemy. For the moment, Toby lives in Costa Rica. (She came for a masters degree in Media, Peace and Conflict Studies from the UN-mandated University for Peace—and stayed for the papaya, sunshine, and conscious community.)

Team Pic

Bryan Arturo


Bryan is the founder of Earth Journeys (earthjourneys.org) and a community organizer who supports grassroots organizations in spreading their good work to the masses. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management & Entrepreneurship from DePaul University. While working at permaculture farms, ecovillages and land regeneration projects throughout the Americas he is developing NuMundo’s Pathfinder travel advisor program. Bryan is currently based in Southern California where he’s working to unite the movement!


David Casey's Team Pic

David Casey

David has founded three companies - NuMundo, Cosmic Convergence, Resource. David's work has centered around movement-building, and leveraging blockchain technology for socioeconomic transformation. His current focus is redesigning the structure and dynamics of credit, and building just solutions for the 99%.

Duke Jones's Team Pic

Duke Jones

Duke works on redesigning financial and economic systems from generative principles and distributed system designs for a collaborative future. To this end, he built Good Money, a bank for social good, and ReSource Network, a mutual credit blockchain protocol.

NuMundo today.

Our team of incredibly talented nomadic developers, designers, project managers and marketers serve this vision with passion. We are committed to staying true to our mission, making our platform accessible to everyone while thriving as a business.

NuMundo is both a movement and an organization, and there are many ways to get involved! Want to help us build the platform? Check out open positions here.​ We are seeking investors, sponsorships or any other type of financial support to help us grow! Contact us if you’re interested in investing.

What is an impact center?

An impact center is a land based project that offers individual transformation, regenerative living education and strives to leave a positive local impact. An impact center could be an ecovillage, organic farm, yoga retreat center, or even a hostel, as long as they meet the criteria below.

Our impact center criteria.

1. Earth Care

Emphasis on whole-system sustainability and/or holistic health & well-being

2. Education

Provides retreats, workshops, courses and/or work-exchange or volunteering

3. Accommodation

Has the capacity to host individuals on-site for short or long-term stays

Contact us.

We are always looking for ways to collaborate, support centers and help individuals find transformational experiences.

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